Inundación devastadora en Chila de la Sal tras fuerte lluvia

Chila de la Sal, Pue. An intense rainfall occurred last night in the municipality of Chila de la Sal, causing the nearby ravine to overflow. This resulted in the collapse of the sports facility wall, as well as flooding in houses and streets near downtown Chila.

According to local residents, this heavy rain caused an unexpected rise in the ravine's water level. While it is known that the ravine grows with every rainfall event, this time it reached an unprecedented level.

The impact was significant, with more than 30 homes inundated and several streets affected by the overflowing water. Assessing the total damage is still ongoing; however, even at first glance, it is evident that a considerable destruction has occurred. The inhabitants expressed astonishment at such an occurrence never happening before in Chila.

As of now, there has been no official communication from municipal authorities regarding this incident. However, State Civil Protection announced that there were substantial damages reported in the area.

It is worth mentioning that Chila de la Sal is located just half an hour away from Tulcingo de Valle.


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