"Eduardo Rivera Pérez descarta que triunfo de Morena en Estado de México se repita en Puebla"

Morena's victory in the State of Mexico governor race held yesterday does not necessarily mean that the same scenario will be repeated for Puebla in next year's elections, according to Eduardo Rivera Pérez, the mayor of Puebla who is also aiming to be the PAN candidate for governor. "Every electoral process and political campaign is always different. We live in a democratic country where sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Not all elections are equal and what happened in the State of Mexico may not necessarily happen in Puebla because it could also have been like what happened in Coahuila. Therefore, there's no blueprint of whatever took place in those states and what will happen here," said Rivera Pérez. After 94 years of PRI governments in the State of Mexico, Morena candidate Delfina Gómez Álvarez defeated Alejandra del Moral representing an alliance between PRI, PAN and PRD obtaining between 52% - 54% of votes counted rapidly while Manolo Jiménez Salinas was able to keep Coahuila's governorship with an alliance he represented even with Armando Guardiana running from Morena against him as PRI has governed uninterruptedly here since 1929 making this loss one of its two most significant bastions as well. For Rivera Pérez who reached city hall through an alliance composed by PRI, PAN y PRD and might end up leading them into next year’s gubernatorial race – it is imperative to focus on Puebla without being distracted by other states' developments which may not necessarily affect voters’ decision-making processes.


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